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the - gangsta - dalton shapes

High performance and very bad ass.

The Gangsta was built as the perfect longboard for our Gisborne locals who rip on beach breaks. With a simple, elegant design, we make them with modern materials and techniques to bring you a classic feel in a board that won't burn you out carrying it down to your break, and when you ask for performance, it hits the mark. 

The board has a medium to low rocker with an exaggerated tail rocker, giving a smoother transition from rail to rail than you'd traditionally find on a surfboard this large, and this is why this model suits competitive level riders as well because you can throw it around with precision. 

Slightly leaner than the Boss, the Gangsta finds glide through with a vee bottom with a slight vee/double concave that creates lift and holds you in the pocket. The Gangsta has excellent flow in the motion of cutbacks, as the outline preceding the tail curve has been carefully crafted to minimise drive loss that is typical of so many other round pintail boards. You can ride this with a round, square tail if you like a more slidey feel.

If you are a high-performance surfer or an average surfer looking to step up your game, this is the model you will want to have in your quiver. You nose ride and hack with confidence on this model, and you can be reassured as it's been tried and tested in our range for over 15 years. 

Dalton Gangsta

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the - boss - dalton shapes

The perfect all-rounder longboard.

The Boss lives up to its name with its unique ability to combine so many elements of a great longboard into one perfect craft. Designed for versatility, The Boss blends together the stability a beginner surfer needs to get to their feet fast and has an elegant level of responsiveness that experienced riders demand. 

All the beauty and glide from days gone by with a few small refinements to make it more user-friendly. A must-have for a complete quiver. Made with traditional riding in mind, trimming and gliding, the Boss is the flagship model for the average joe of our modern longboard range.

With a low entry rocker, that keeps you paddling fast with good lift and release off the tail for responsive turning. With a slight vee bottom curve throughout that eases with even more slighter vee/double concave at the tail for unmatched manoeuvrability under the back foot. You can walk up and down on the Boss and nose ride with ease which is why this longboard shape has been so popular.

The cornerstone of this board, and what makes experience riders love it, is the soft rail giving you fluid rail to rail transitions while also making the board feel narrower than it actually is. This board catches waves so quickly that you will feel the burn from busy surf sessions. 

Dalton Boss

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the - chizel

Give yourself the competitive edge. Tried and tested - winning shape


The Dalton Chizel Nose is 30 plus years in the making! With a slight vee through the entire board for optimum rail to rail turning, the competitive surfer will instantly recognise the high-performance characteristics underfoot. 

With its forward outline, most of the area is in the nose for great paddling and noseriding and combined with low volume rails for sensitivity. 

The Dalton Chisel Nose really is a sleek raced up design for competitive surfers or those wanting to explore the pointy end of what a performance shaped design can offer. This is Ray Dalton's original design and has been surfed all over the world by many of the best longboarders.

Are you ready to take the step? This is the board to throw around like a toy in the water for the maximum fun surfing sessions.

Dalton Chizel

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The - wall banger - dalton shapes

The ultimate mid-length beginner longboard, made to last.


The Wall Banger was explicitly designed for beginner surfers. 

The design is super basic and geared towards easy paddling, and all curves and contours are designed to provide maximum forgiveness. This simple design is also popular with anyone looking for a fun board that is comfortable to jump on in any conditions. 

The Wall Banger is a traditional mid-length mini mal ridden as a thruster. Don’t get fooled with the cheap Chinese soft/hard boards that flood the market. The Wall Banger (as long as you look after it) will progress you along for an extended period as your surfing develops. 

With over 20 years history in this shape, this has been refined to a point where we can confidently say if you are about to start surfing – you will be able to ride and enjoy this board – get the Stoke! Best ordered with a rounded square or round tail. 

Don’t forget to make this an art piece with many options of paint design and you can order, single, double or triple stringers for wow factor.


Dalton Wall Banger

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The - Battle axe -dalton shapes

High performance mid-length carver that fells alive underfoot.

The Battle Axe is another high-performance model. Low entry for easy wave catching and it has a slightly exaggerated tail rocker for increased speed and sensitivity. The Battle Axe is designed to be ridden with extra volume, yet it still feels very responsive underfoot because of the subtleties of the design.

The fins set up is a box with 2+1 single fin configuration or can be ordered with a smaller single fin with trail fins. 7ft to 9ft is the best size range. 

The Battle Axe has a slight vee through the board with exaggerated vee/double concave out the tail which gives the high-performance characteristics and allows the surfer to really feel confident in the pocket of the wave.

Dalton Battle Axe

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