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pro test crew

Maz Quinn


"I'm pumped on this technology! My surfing relies on my bottom drive and the CoreFlex just pings into the pocket"

Bobby Hansen


CoreFlex is by far my worst kept secret! these boards are crazy fast and so precise in the pocket, my absolute go to construction!

technology COREFLEX™


COREFLEX™ Is a patented surfboard technology, structurally engineered for optimum flex and strength. Created by Gisborne New Zealand, surfboard manufacturer, Tommy Dalton, to give the surfer real feeling of control and "PING" as we call it under foot.

With great precision we bevel the Zero Gravity Foam for the inserts of the Tensioned Tubular Carbon. This is applied to the bottom of the surfboard and is how COREFLEX™ got its name because its exactly how it transforms the foams structure. 

COREFLEX™ eliminates the standard wooden stringer, playing on traditional flex principles but innovates a dynamic surfboard flex that simply feels like you and the board are whole. Applied scientific testing showed COREFLEX™ to be 20% stronger than traditional plywood stringered boards. Tests also showed COREFLEX™to have a significantly more “Ping”, effectively performing like a coiled spring, loading up through turns, then releasing. 

COREFLEX™ Recent WCT competitor Ricardo Christie, Former WCT competitor Maz Quinn, and Bobby Hansen regularly ride COREFLEX™ and have all complemented on the performance of these boards, and all stressed how fast and lively under the foot feels. This is the "Ping" effect we describe.

COREFLEX™ is best when applied to EPS (Epoxy) board construction. Talk to Tommy today about applying this technology to your next custom Lost Surfboard.

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Noticeably Fast

Instantly takes off quick and builds on speed as you surf for optimum wall positioning.

Unparalleled Response

Turn it on a dime response! The control from under foot ensures your surfing at your best.

Unparalleled Drive

Draw you bottom line and just enjoy the explosive ping as your whisked to the lip in the pocket like a rocket.