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LOST Uber Driver

Uber means excessive, beyond, and above all. The new Uber Driver is just that. Excessive fun, beyond expectations and above all – a great everyday surfboard


LOST Psycho Killer

It’s easy to catch waves with and create speed. It loves tubes, and at faces, and is fully capable of performing full rail carves and nimble manoeuvres when asked.


LOST Puddle Jumper

The concave bottom adds lift and increased rail curve, which allows radical top to bottom surfing. The straight rail line and vee in the tail keep the board moving forward and hold in during hard carving maneuvers.


LOST Quiver Killer Round

Dependable and ridiculously easy to ride from tiny surf to the largest days in most parts of the World.


LOST V3 Rocket

An average wave all-rounder that can be effectively ridden 4″ to 6″ shorter, 1/8″ thinner, and just slightly wider than your normal short board without sacrificing any carve or drive.

Lost surfboards carbon wrap technology


The build process

Step 1


Aligned together at the nose, lost surfboards exclusive carbon wrap fiber bands run the length of the surfboard , curving outward towards the rails, creating and controlling our unique longitudinal and torsional flex pattern.

Step 2


The carbon bands “ carbon wrap ” around the rails and onto the surfboard deck. It’s this unique method that creates our lively flex that loads and releases…resulting in speed and drive.

Step 3


The carbon wrap that runs to the surfboard tail acts as a power point (for drive and control) under the rear foot and also as a tail patch to minimize pressure denting.

Step 4


Using optically brightened EPOXY resin, the surfboards are then laminated with a proprietary composite of  fiberglass and carbon wrap fiber.

Step 5


45degree “X-Glass” ™ adds impact and longitudinal strength, with minimal weight and encourages flex. This radiates foot pressure outward to a longer section of the surfboard rail, adding greater edge control.

Step 6


Web-fused” carbon deck reinforcement: Adds strength and drive, smoothly tapers flex and prevents the surfboard deck from caving rail to rail.

technology lost surfboards


 CARBON WRAP™ Is a patented surfboard technology, structurally engineered for optimum flex and performance. Originally created by Gold Coast surfboard manufacturer, Dan MacDonald, to be lightweight without sacrificing strength and provide #nextlevel performance. Carbon Wrap eliminates the standard wooden stringer, alters traditional flex principles and re-envisions the way a surfboard’s flex patterns are created and controlled. Ultra-light, EPS cores are “wrapped” in an exoskeleton of strategically positioned, carbon fiber bands. 

Aligned together at the nose, they gradually curve outward towards the rails. The curve creates and controls a unique torsional flex that livens up as it nears the tail, just in front of the fins. The carbon then “wraps” from the bottom, around the rails, and onto the deck. This unique method creates Carbon Wrap’s lively flex that loads and releases…resulting in next level speed and drive. Running along the rails, on the deck, the carbon acts as a rear foot powerpoint, (increasing drive and control) and a patch to minimize pressure denting. Using optically brightened epoxy resin, the boards are encased with a proprietary composite of fiberglass and our exclusive carbon deck inlay, which is strategically positioned to add fast re-flex memory under the surfer’s stance and allow subtle, natural deck caving around the arch of the front foot. By tapering the carbon into long, pointed ends, forward and aft, the flex blends out naturally towards the nose and tail. 

A full layer of 45degree “X-Glass”, encases the deck. The X-Glass’s flat, bi-axel weave dramatically adds strength without rigidity, or excess weight and allows the board to maintain flex while alleviating crease points created by standard, 90degree fiberglass. The 45degree weave radiates foot pressure outward, directly connecting the foot to a longer section of the rail, adding greater edge control. CARBON WRAP TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight, without sacrificing strength.  Increases drive and provides a unique and lightning fast reflex effect,  propelling your surfing into the #nextlevel of performance.

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carbon wrap review

Matt Biolos explaining the Carbon Wrap Technology

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