The Boardroom Surf Shop

The Boardroom is the home of LOST Surfboards, New Zealand.  We are the largest custom Surfboard manufacture in the country. Our core product and most globally recognised is LOST Surfboards,  however, we also pride ourselves on our Dalton brand which specialises in Malibus & Fishes which has a large & loyal following. 

From the beginner to the competitive surfer or anyone just looking to add to their quiver we cater for all.  

Grommet boards are something we really strive to perfect.  It's vital to us that kids are learning to Surf and as they improve are riding the correct board to match their ability.  

The Boardroom was established in 1990.  From day one our goal has been set at being the leading and most innovative surfboard manufacturer in the country.  The purchase of the CNC machine and the consistency to which it delivers has enabled us to exceed all customer expectations. 

From Tommy’s knowledge in his product and Hawkeye precision in his finishing,  Takuya’s pure skill with the Glassing and Sanding to rest of our reliable team we ensure nothing but delivering the most premium product anywhere in New Zealand, right to your front door. 

Get your froth on!


Tommy dalton / shaper

From 12years of age, Tommy had his education in the shaping bay, under the tutelage of his father Ray Dalton. Tommy was always destined for big things as Ray had laid the foundations for successful international brands and is a well-respected shaper in his own right.  

Matt Biolos (Mayhem) was so impressed with Tommy on meeting him on a surf trip that he asked Tommy to shape his world-famous brand Lost Surfboards, but it meant Tommy would need to learn the ropes under Matt's apprenticeship. Tommy shaped for lost Surfboards the USA and in Spain for years, before finally coming back to Gisborne New Zealand to make under license, Lost Surfboards NZ. Tommy has shaped over 10000+ surfboards globally!

Tommy not only shapes but he owns and operates the business along with Hayley his wife, together they manage all the day to day operations while juggling his 3, soon to be 4 kids. Tommy loves his phone for a good chat with his customers but this schedule means he may not respond immediately but he will always get back to you.. Email Tommy - 


Ray Dalton / shaper

Ray Dalton, launched Surfboards Gisborne in the 1970s, when Ray purchased Natural Flight (a shaping company)and renamed it Gisborne Surf Co, now know as the Boardroom.

Ray at the early age of 15 started to develop an interest in the career for surfboard shaping under the guidance from master craftsman Kevin Randall. Ray went on to design and manufacture for many companies and was known for his innovative surfboard designs. Ray took the commercial leap and refined his shaping art in Australia under the watchful eye of Murray Bourton at Pipedream. Murray was one of the most respected and largest surfboard manufacturer’s at the time. Ray took great inspiration from the industrious surfing business and global appeal, taking him back home to Gisborne to replicate all that he had seen and been taught. He was instantly successful.

Ray has shaped for world-class surfers, most well known in New Zealand Maz Quinn and Jay Quinn as sponsored riders, and a lot of quality surfers have ridden his AARDEE shapes over the years. Ray is now a bit long in the tooth (as the saying goes, just don’t tell him) but he still racks up his hand-crafted longboards with his distinctive, 1960s style logo at the Boardroom plus many other duties. 


Takuya ikeda / Glasser - sanding

Takuya (Taku) hails from the great country of Japan. He came to the Boardroom on a working Visa after he expressed interest in advancing his art of glassing. The Boardroom use many differing glassing techniques with PU and Epoxy but specialises in Carbon Wraps and other innovations like Coreflex.

Taku loves to surf and he calls Gisborne home. He has immersed himself into the great Gizzy lifestyle and is always seen around with a smile on his face.

Taku has set a new bar for quality glassing standards. Meticulous in his work, he has a very good reputation built from having a true dedication to the art. He finishes with absolute premium quality which has been commented on by many a global surfer traveling.


Joe PALMER / repairs - sanding

Joe has been locally ripping Gisborne waves since the age of 14. He has proven himself among the best in solid conditions.

Joe started sanding and repairing boards back in 1996. Joe honed in his skills from over many years and then traveled overseas to desired surf spots and was instantly hired by local shops to sand and repair for them. Joe then made his way home to Gisborne and has been working with Tommy ever since and has earned himself the go-to repairer in Gisborne. Joe tackles all wave-craft types and works closely with local surf lifesaving clubs ensuring the equipment is up to scratch.

Joe is very laid back and he loves the surf/beach lifestyle. Family time is his most important thing and he just so happens to be a great snorkeler and fisherman.


JASON start-walter / spray & artwork

Jason has been salty (surfing) for over 42 years. Surfing is in his blood, along with being a very talented artist. Jason is a Pom but we don't hold that against him, because he makes great scones with jam. Like the Queen, he really enjoys his cups of tea with his pinky finger delicately poised from his bone china cup.

He stamped his career in the surf industry 27 years ago, working in many surfboard factories over the years in arguably Englands best surf destination, Cornwall.

Jason moved his family to NZ ten years ago to the relaxed beach lifestyle of Gisborne. Jason is a very talented artist and has sprayed tens of thousands of surfboards. He can create anything that you like, so don't limit your imagination.


our early days

Check out this old 2004 video of the boardroom.